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A big thank you to everyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday, but I would like to specially thank this boy, my soulmate, the most. Thank you baby, for not only spoiling me a ton yesterday but also for everything you’ve done for me and for teaching me the meaning of true love. I swear I have never been better. I’m glad we get to grow and experience life together. I wouldn’t want to do so with anyone else but you, it’s clear to everyone around us and to ME that we belong. I knew so since the first day your lips touched mine. In that instance, I felt what I thought would never happen to me. I felt exactly what I wanted to feel with another person with that one kiss. Kissing you is the best feeling I ever felt, I would stop consuming if it meant I could feast off of your kisses every day.
I will love you always✨
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Tell me, who gon’ take me off?💎
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Beyonce & Jay Z OTR Tour - Los Angeles (August 3rd 2014)

The music beautiful picture ever, this was on our date✨

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Beyoncé Jams ➝ Ring the Alarm (Live) | On The Run Tour


Wanted to share my newest drawing with you guys, reblogged from my art blog(which I rarely use)


'Flatlined' 11x14

My girl @ccfbarbie just released her new single “Flawless” from her mixtape #Clueless coming out October 31, where my boyfriend, @diamondcarcass, is the creative mind behind both album covers. Make sure you hand over your wigs and save a bitch some time from wig snatching you💎
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